What your service includes


  • Full Caravan Service includes a complete safety check of your appliances plus a service of all main caravan components. A full damp inspection is undertaken and a report given. Parts replaced on an average service include water filter, flexible gas pipe, wheel hub nuts, plus anything else identified during service.


  • Habitation Service includes a full damp inspection with report, plus a check of all the appliances used in habitation. It does not include a check of running gear.


  • Chassis Service is a running gear service. Brakes, hitch, etc. A basic gas leak test is also carried out as part of the service.


  • Pre-Purchase Inspection - this is a visual inspection and damp inspection to be carried out with the prospective buyer. Advice can be given regarding any repair costs identified but not a full valuation on asking price.


  • Full Damp Inspection. This is an in depth inspection and report, usually part of the habitation and caravan service, but can be undertaken as a separate service.